RPM(Remote Patient Monitoring) Service

RPM Service is one that allows Medicare recipients in the United States to receive telemedicine based on their insurance benefits.

This is provided to Medicare recipients with chronic diseases who require continues medical consultation, and is also possible for those who wish to receive constant health management from medical staff without going to the hospital. The main RPM services provided are Chronic care Remote Physiologic Monitoring, Virtual check-in, Chronic care (CCM), and Principle care (PCM). Once you have applied for the program you want, a hospital or healthcare provider will deliver the RPM Kit to your home and install it there. Use the provided tablet or your personal phone to measure your biometric information daily and send it to medical institutions. Medical staff will conduct video consultation based on the accumulated data, while you can apply insurance based on the CPT code for the service requested to use the telemedicine at a lower cost.

Remote Patient Monitoring Service Remote Patient Monitoring Service
  • Register for RPM Service
  • RPM kit delivery / service subscription message sent
  • Medicare 가입자 대상
    1. RPM insurance service application
    2. Insurance payment
  • Medicare insurance fee reimbursement
    1. RPM service usage fee conversion
    2. Applies appropriate CMS code to determine patient insurance fee / refund
  • Patient biometric information measurement
    1. Blood pressure / pulse / blood glucose
  • Monthly remote physiologic monitoring (RPM)
    1. RPM equipment installation & patient education
    2. Chronic care Remote Physiologic Monitoring :
      Chronic care remote physiologic monitoring: chronic disease remote monitoring care
    3. Virtual check-in : Virtual check-in: general health management
    4. Chronic care (CCM) : Chronic care (CCM): chronic disease care management
    5. Principle care (PCM) : Principal care management (PCM): dedicated care by attending physician