skin care system

Ionic Skin Care System DeepSkin

  • Uses iontophoresis microcurrent technology

    1. Ionizes functional essence, penetrates in activated state directly into the skin
    2. Up to 8.6 times more permeation 15 minutes after use (preclinical device performance results)
  • Effectiveness and stability of proven products through various certifications, patents, and clinical trials

    1. Product verification through clinical practice, no addictive quality or side effects (17.3% whitening and 26.1% wrinkle improvement)
    2. Pulsing microcurrent control patent technology to minimize skin damage
    3. KC (Korea), CE (Europe), UL, FCC (United States) certification (beauty equipment)
  • Compatible with various mask packs

    1. Compatible configuration for increased product expandability and utilization
    2. Anti-aging (whitening, wrinkle improvement, moisturizing, etc.) mask pack (10 sheets) + device (1 unit) basic configuration
  • Professional skin care system easy to use at home

    1. Less money, less time: economic thanks to time and cost savings
    2. Connect mask to body for automatic touch-free management
    3. Portability management: size and weight equal to that of a makeup compact
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