Medical Beauty
  • 2018-2020
    1. 2020.12Regulatory sandbok approval expected - non-face-to-face treatment and counseling service for overseas Koreans
    2. 2020.10Hicarenet established
    3. 2020.10Germany remote monitoring service launch
    4. 2020.10Thailand IPD health management service launch
    5. 2020.10US RPM service system launch
    6. 2018.05Launch of home care service in Italy for patients discharged from the hospital
  • 2015-2017
    1. 2017.10Launch of VA home care service system in the US (8,000 Hicare Hub units exported)
    2. 2016.02DeepSkin (HE-100) daily medical / beauty device release
    3. 2015.06Local clinic chronic disease management system launch (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
    4. 2015.01GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) medical device manufacturing and quality control standard certification
    5. 2015Hicare Hub/M release
  • 2001-2014
    1. 2014.12HicareSmart (HH-700) licensed as medical device (u-Healthcare Gateway)
    2. 2014.04Household medical device business entry, Hicare Lady product launch (TV home shopping)
    3. 2014.01HicareHub (HH-800, HH-801) CE R&TTE certification
    4. 2013.03France pharmacy chain service launch (export of 3,000 Hicare Home Doctor units)
    5. 2012.09Hicare Home Doctor (HX-461) 510(k) (FDA)
    6. 2012.07Hicare Home Doctor (HX-461) CE Certification
    7. 2011.01HX-461 Hicare Home Doctor medical device license (u-healthcare gateway)
    8. 2010.03Pilot project conducted on independent doctor smart care service
    9. 2006Health management system launching tailored for Hicare workers / patients
    10. 2006Development of Anycheck blood glucose measurement device
    11. 2005Development of LX-361 home network-type health measuring device
    12. 2005System launching for health center chronic disease management / visit-based nursing
    13. 2001Development of MX-431 home health measuring device