Corporate information summary

  • 16년간 Healthcare 사업 수행

    20 years in the healthcare business

    1. Smart healthcare devices / solutions
    2. Remote monitoring / treatment platform
    3. Daily medical device distribution
    4. Various domestic commercialization models
  • Success in overseas commercialization of healthcare solutions

    1. Solutions distributed worldwide including the US, Europe, South America
    2. Partners in various countries (24 countries worldwide)
    Healthcare 솔루션 해외 상용화 성공
  • 효과/안전성이 검증된 Care제품군 보유

    Care product line with proven effectiveness / safety

    1. Hicare Hub, Hicare M, DeepSkin
    2. Clinical results and various certifications
    3. Essential industrial property rights
  • 4th Industrial Revolution-based business model

    1. Various smart healthcare service platforms including international treatment and RPM service
    2. Various wellness solutions distributed such as cosmetics & beauty
    3. Business expansion as a company specializing in smart healthcare H/W, S/W, solutions, platforms, and services
    4차 산업혁명에 기반한 Business Model