Our Partners

  • Insung Information Co., Ltd.

    Network integration, industrial informatization IT infrastructure, healthcare

    • European subsidiary Insung Information Hungary, KFT
    • US subsidiary INSUNG SYSTEMS, INC
    • China subsidiary WUXI INSUNG INFORMATION CO,.LTD.
    • Asia subsidiary PT. Insung Information Indonesia
    • Korean branches Daegu, Busan, Daejeon, Gwangju, Ulsan, Chuncheon
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  • iNET Bank Co., Ltd.

    Cisco, Meraki, Zebra, Axis, FireEye, SonicWall etc. IT/security infrastructure specialists

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  • Insung Digital Co., Ltd.

    Juniper, Oracle, Hancom, Gigamon etc. IT solution distribution and security control services

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  • NYTG Co., Ltd.

    One-stop services in areas such as ERP-based e-business solution consultion and construction

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  • MK Health Co., Ltd.

    Healthcare multimedia news channel

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