Total Telehealth Monitoring Solution

hicare hub

Hicare HUB?

Hicare Hub(Model Name: HH-800) is a new type of Tele-healthcare device integrating with smart device like a smart phones and tablets. User enables to easily accumulate various vital sign such as blood pressure, blood sugar, SpO2, and electrocardiogram and get counsel from medical staff at anytime through this device.

This solutions can be used home, hospital, sanatorium, fitness center, public facility and so on. This solution supplies the effective method for personal healthcare and LTC(Long Term Care).

HICARE HUB Key Features

Healthcare all in one total Solution
Healthcare all in one total Solution
  • Personalized health care info/function support
  • Flexible service for a variety of places such as homes, hospitals, nursing home
Simple & Easy for Anyone to Use
Simple & Easy for Anyone to Use
  • Multi user support
  • Easy Self-measurement
  • Support Easy Login Mode : QR Code, ID/PW, Barcode Reader
Works with a variety of devices
Works with a variety of devices
  • Basic Measurement Device : Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Temperature, SpO2, INR/PT, ECG, Cholesterol, etc
  • Pair with Microscope and Stethoscope
Certification : Reliability & High Quality Technology

HICARE HUB Specification

  • Model Name Hicare Hub (HH-800)
  • Weight 1kg
  • Product Size Hub Only : 279(W)mm x 190(D)mm x 106(H)mm
    Tablet+Hub : 279(W)mm x 190(D)mm x 242(H)mm
  • Peripherals Interface Bluetooth, USB, WIFI
  • Battery Li-Polymer battery, 7.4V/ 3,000mAh

Application for HICARE HUB

Video Chat
What is Video Chat?

Allows you to speak and consult with healthcare professionals or Doctors in real-time!

What is Measurement?

Measure 9 Vital Signs and transfer it to automatically to Medical staff or Doctor.

What is Appointment?

If Doctor required video consultation to patients(User), patients can check reservation Date, time, participants.

What is Phone?

If you have problem in device or something happen in your condition, You can choose customer call and emergency call(911).

What is Education?

You can watch education video about how to use Hicare Hub and Application

What is Assessment?

Patients click their own content in assessment and transfer it to Doctor. They provide proper medical advice which based on assessment results.

What is Photo?

Take a picture of your skin conditions including rashes, minor burns and bug bites and Send it automatically to Medical staff.

How to Use HICARE HUB?